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Kalfire Natural Spark Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a full cost of both gas fires & electirc panoramic fires on the following links below to give you an idea of a price of a installation including a fire (These prices are based on the standard model of the manufacturers we supply)


This would all depend if you were looking to use the fire for heating or just visual purposes. As the electric fires are cheaper than gas and installation is much more simple with no need for a flue system. You don’t get much heat from these but means you can still use these fires in the warm summer nights and still have that cozy feel. Whereas the gas fires look much more realistic and give out a lot of heating to the room they are slightly more expensive due to the technology needed and chimney flue.

In terms of both Bellfire fires & Kalfire fires the prices are very similar, but can vary depending which models you would be looking for. For quality the Kalfire models set the standards with the only producer of own ceramic logs, spark generators which they designed and patented this makes it the most realistic looking gas fire on the market. The flames come directly out the logs on Kalfires GP range so the flames still look very nice & high even on the lower setting.

Everyone’s Home Is Unique To Them, Let Your Fire Be Too.

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