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Kalfire gas fires are a family business of 40 years experience. Who design, construct & supply high quality modern electric fires in the Netherlands. They take pride in everything they create, you can feel that through the whole company with focus on long term vision’s to keep driving new innovation to their customers.

After working with Kalfire with their gas fire rane it was nice to see them bring an electric range out which as you can expect with Kalfire designs it is way ahead of the market.

Kalfire Natural Spark Generator

Kalfire's has two different types of Electric Fires. Adapted for your living space:

The Kaflire E-ONE 100F

The Kalfire E-one offers two models to choose from: a built-in model and a freestanding model. The E-one 100F, part of the E-one series, is the built-in model. With its sleek design and compact dimensions, it is ideal for custom-built interiors like wall units in living rooms, restaurants, or hotel lobbies. The generous 100 x 37 cm glass surface ensures a clear view of the fire and the realistic ceramic logs from anywhere in the room. Even when the fire is switched off, the adjustable ambient lighting in the electric fireplace makes it an attractive focal point in any interior. The built-in model can also be equipped with Atmos Heating, a heating element that adds warmth to your space.

Kalfire E-ONE 100F

The Kalfire E-ONE 100F FR

The Kalfire E-one 100F FR is a stunning freestanding fireplace with a polished steel exterior that complements any type of interior design, whether modern or rustic. It’s easy to move and install, so you can enjoy its ambience even if you change locations or renovate your home. With the option to select flat or design bottoms, as well as Single or Dual HD Flame Technology, this decorative fireplace delivers a luxurious and tailored experience.

Kalfire E-ONE 100FR
Yorkshire Stoves

New Generation Of Fires Brought To You By Yorkshire Stoves

Our experience at Yorkshire Stoves will be providing the installation of Kalfire gas fires with a huge range to choose from – Gas Safe Registered

Why Kalfire fires?

Transform your room into a cozy haven with our the e-one electric fireplace, easily controlled with the touch of a button. With safety in mind, the E-one offers peace of mind for families with small children and pets. Experience a comfortable warmth without direct heat, ensuring our electric fireplaces are safe and ideal for all. Upgrade your space with our electric fireplaces for added comfort and ambiance.

Discover the perfect way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home while being mindful of the environment with Kalfires flue-less electric fireplaces. You can now enjoy a guilt-free fire experience without any harmful emissions. Our electric fireplaces make for an eco-conscious choice and a great alternative to gas fireplaces, especially if your home lacks a gas connection. Enhance your space with a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that offers unparalleled comfort and ambiance.

Embrace the freedom of an eco-friendly fireplace with the E-one, a flue-less option that doesn’t come with any environmental restrictions. The possibilities for incorporating this fireplace are endless- all you need is access to a plug socket. You can choose from a variety of built-in and design options to personalize your electric fireplace. Take complete control of your fire with customizable ambient light, flame height, and sound, creating the perfect ambiance for your space. Indulge in both convenience and design with the Kalfire E-one electric fireplace.

With the use of HD televisions Kalfire have created a electric fire like no other with a hologram effect to give the illusion that the logs placed in the fire are burning it really is spectacular to see.

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