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UK installers of Kalfire gas fires

Kalfire gas fires are a family business of 40 years experience. Who design, construct & supply high quality modern gas fires in the Netherlands. They take pride in everything they create, you can feel that through the whole company with focus on long term vision’s to keep driving new innovation to their customers.

After manufacturer research & seeing Kalfire gas  fires in action we were amazed by the supreme quality, detail, ease of use & exclusive features available across the Kalfire product range. This helped make the decision to offer these stunning modern wide fires to be UK. 

Kalfire Natural Spark Generator

Kalfire's has two different types of burners. Adapted for your living space:

The Prestige Burner

The prestige burner (Kalfire GP-Range) This is the most realistic burner on the market right now, with integrated highly realistic ceramic logs. They are stacked into a pyramid, which creates a very high blazing flame effect that comes directly from the logs itself, instead of the fuel bed like most gas fires. For even more realistic fire can add the LED lighting in the base (Hybrid function) & Kalfire’s own natural spark generator

Kalfire Prestige Burner

The 3D Burner

Just like the prestige burner the 3D burner (Kalfire G-Range) is designed and developed by Kalfire. The horizontal 3D burner can go up to 170cm in width, which fits perfectly into modern interiors. It produces a long bed of flames that by looking you wouldn’t even be able to distinguish from those of a log burning fire. Supplied with ceramic log sets can there is an option to change to exclusive logs or a bed of white, beige or grey stone or cryptonite

Kalfire 3D Burner
Yorkshire Stoves

New Generation Of Fires Brought To You By Yorkshire Stoves

Our experience at Yorkshire Stoves will be providing the installation of Kalfire gas fires with a huge range to choose from – Gas Safe Registered

Why Kalfire fires?

Kalfire offer a wide range of gas fire models all in different sizes, style & comfort levels to accommodate any house type.

3 sided, corner, tunnel & glass front gas fires available.

Supplied as standard with every model. At your finger tips you can control every aspect of the fire: turning the fire on & off, adjusting the flame height. 8 setting available as standard including an ECO setting – This energy saving setting automatically sets the flames to level fluctuate which reduces gas consumption by 40% while still having a high flame.

As an added extra you have the option to include a receiver that works with Kalfire’s special app that can be downloaded from the apple store or google app store (Android). Where you can now control the fire by your tablet or smartphone.

Kalfire have made the cleaning of your gas fire easy as possible. The unique system opens in 4 easy steps with no tools needed.

The kalfire gas fires are equipped with the most innovate combustion technology. Seamless no frame design with minimalist lines, that efforts blends with its surrounding giving the impression of an open fire. Only company to uniquely create paint own very realistic ceramic logs made in Kalfire’s own factory. The flames actually come out the logs on the prestige models.

Kalfire’s history of patented design have now brought their fire to another level with there prestige burners there is now an option of adding a natural spark generator. What this does is creates small sparks that release from the flames and burn out slowly giving a an amazing real representation of a wood burning fire (Impress friends & family with this WOW factor).

Another option available for the prestige burners is the hybrid function the include LED lighting in the fuel bed. When activated the light intensely fluctuates imitating a bed of burning embers in the fireplace. A big advantage of this is it allows you to use the fire during warmer periods of the year when heating is not required still giving the effect of warmth of a real fire without the heat.

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